Zuckerbrot ist alle - Shirt

There's a german saying, called "Zuckerbrot und Peitsche" which is corresponding to the english "carrot and stick"…Sorry, we just ran out of carrots and talking about the Whip. Mr. Nietzsche: Two can play that game.

Let it whip, Baby!

Of course made with Swarovski® crystals.
Art. Number: 3488

Additional Information

Art. Number 3488
Colour (Textil) Deep Black
Screenprint Damaged White
Material 95% Cotton, 5% Elastan
Delivery Time 2-3 days


Soft and stylish, form-fitting T-Shirt with a deep round collar. The handle of the whip is decorated with Swarovski® crystals.

The care of this product is quite easy: washing inside out at 30°C delicates programme. If possible, don't use (or only just a little bit) softener. Don't put into the tumble-dryer and don't iron too hot (approx. 120°C). Very important: Don't iron across the printing!

Or forget all these things and give it to your mother! ;-)

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