Death's Head Ltd. Edition Army Jacket

The original HAUPTSTADTROCKER Army Jacket in Special Limited Edition 2018.
Only for 333 dignified wearer - will you be worthy?

The backside Death's Head motive is completely made of a combination of dark crystals and rivets from Swarovski®. Additional applications: a stunning HAUPTSTADTROCKER patch in a leather-metal-combination, metallic skull-buttons, full-metal-patch on the sleeve and a unique serial number, made of Swarovski® crystals, placed at the cuff.

Rock'n'Roll, guys...
Art. Number: 4530

Additional Information

Art. Number 4530
Colour (Textil) Deep Black
Screenprint Shiny Black
Material 100% Cotton
Delivery Time 2-3 days


Army jacket with a slightly fitted cut. It has a cotton lining and a tunneled ribbon on the inside to adjust it individually. There are four patch pockets, one inside pocket and high-quality metal-zipper. Special eye-catcher is the backside Death's Head, which is made of a combination of dark crystals and rivets from Swarovski® - giving this jacket an unique, shimmering look. All buttons are metallic skulls in a titan design. We also added a Death's Head Full-Metallpatch on the right sleeve. Additionally the chest is finished with a robust HAUPTSTADTROCKER patch in a leather-metal-combination. .
Last but not least: Every jacket of this collection has a unique serial number, made with crystals from Swarovski®, placed at the cuff.

The care of this product is quite easy: washing inside out at 30°C delicates programme. If possible, don't use (or only just a little bit) softener. Don't put into the tumble-dryer and don't iron too hot (approx. 120°C). Very important: Don't iron across the printing!

Or forget all these things and give it to your mother! ;-)

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