Some are Berlin. We are Berliner!

Since the late 90's, Timo Röpcke also known as DJ Ultimo shakes up the hedonistic clubs of Germany’s capital. The first LOOK54 shirts were sold from beneath Timo's DJ booth at the famous club “90 Grad”. Since those days, there’s no better way to say „Ich bin ein Berliner“ than wearing LOOK54 fashion.

The "54" indicates our strong connection to the nightlife – by paying homage to the mother of all discothèques, Studio 54 in Manhattan.

LOOK54 is a family of free spirits, visionaries, and buddies. We create exceptional fashion for ladies & gents. The Berlin way of Life is the main theme of our collections. All details – printings, stitchings, applications – are designed and handmade with love and passion in the heart of Berlin.

All crystal applications are made with Swarovski Elements.


LOOK54. Only Available in Berlin.