Since the late 90's, Timo Röpcke also known as DJ Ultimo shakes up the hedonistic clubs of Germany’s capital. The first LOOK54 shirts were sold from beneath Timo's DJ booth at the famous club “90 Grad”.

"Rock & Roll" and the "Berlin Way of Life" are the central themes of the collections. There is hardly a rockier way to say "Ick bin een Berliner" than wearing LOOK54 fashion. Our local heroes like Frank Zander and Désirée Nick are of course "Orjinale" and are allowed to do it by birth – but since JFK it is well known that you don't have to be born in Berlin to feel like a Berliner. An illustrious gang of international rock stars sees it the same way: Uriah Heep, Alice Cooper, Kim Wilde and especially Rick Parfitt from Status Quo have brought the LOOK54 style to the stages of the world.

Willste wat jelten – mach dich selten! (If you want to be important – make yourself rare!)
Only available in Berlin! LOOK54 Fashion is only available in the four Berlin LOOK54 Shops and in the LOOK54 Online-Store.

In the Charlottenburger Headquarter shirts, sweats, jackets and accessories are printed and refined with love and know-how by hand since 2002. Everything itself, everything under one roof, everything in the middle of Berlin.

All crystal finishes are "made with Swarovski Elements". LOOK54 has been Swarovski's official brand partner for over 17 years. It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that BLING.

Our customers: Young or old, natives or tourists, freaks or geeks, models or mechanics, princes or doormen. But they all have one thing in common: they are all not quite normal! And "that's good, too", would our ex-mayor say (who is also one of our customers)!


LOOK54. Only Available in Berlin.